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General FAQs

Students & parents

I am an international student, how do I find more information?

Information for International students here.

How do I find out about the history of the University of Southern Caribbean?

Click here for our history.

How can I find out about funding offered at USC?

Students of Trinidad and Tobago can access GATE funding. For other grants and scholarship information click here.

Is USC accredited and by whom?

Yes USC is an accredited institution. You can learn more here

What happens after I submit my application?

After your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and the Admissions department will get in touch with you by mail/email and advise regarding your application status.

What facilities are available for students with disabilities?

The best point for all your questions is academic advisement to determine your needs. The University main campus is equipped to handle those with special needs.

I am a parent/guardian - how do I find information about student life at the USC?

Most of the information you seek can be found under Campus Life section.

When is Graduation held? 

Graduations are held in May. Get all information regarding graduation here

Can I park my car on campus?

Visitors, staff and students are eligible for a permit which allows you to park on main campus at approved points of parking. You can acquire a parking permit decal from Campus Security Office.

Alumni & staff 

How can I get a transcript of my qualifications?

Visit the Request transcript page.

How do I find a member of staff's contact details?

The directory page lists key department information, but not staff contact information. Contact department or general university for staff contact information.

Where do I find current job vacancies or career opportunities?

These are posted in our faculty & staff portal under careers.