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Health, Safety and Environmental Services

Welcome to USC – Where your safety is no accident. Our open door policy encourages students to access information on all aspects of health and safety.

Mission Statement

To facilitate learning in a safe and serene environment, free from all hazards that can result in damage to property, injury, or ill health to students, employees or visitors on campus.

Vision Statement

To develop a culture of safety where faculty, staff, and students respond effectively in any emergency on campus

The Health, Safety and Environment Department’s responsibility is to ensure that your safety is not compromised during your stay at this institution. In commencing your academic journey, please take note of the following:

  1. Many hazards exist in seemingly safe environments
  2. Pay attention to basic safety instructions and information located in and around all campus buildings
  3. Your role is vital in the maintenance of a safe study and work environment

You are welcome to visit our office and share your suggestions.

As a USC student, safety training will be part of your campus experience. You will learn to recognize hazards and how to avoid accidents. Before conducting scientific experiments, you must view the video on “Lab safety for Schools.”

All accidents, incidents or near misses should be immediately reported to the dean or chair of your department. The accident form (HSE 1) will be filled out by the person reporting the accident, and (HSE 2) will be filled out by the dean or Chair.

Share the excitement as you learn to use fire extinguishers, and how to respond in emergency situations.

Safety Tips for the Campus Community

Emergency Evacuation and Fire
  1. Examine the evacuation maps placed in some buildings.
  2. Learn the primary second and secondary exits from your location.
  3. Know where fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations are located.
  4. If you were not trained to use a fire extinguisher, evacuate the building immediately and report to the muster point.
  5. Follow the instructions given by the fire wardens or uniformed fire fighters.
  6. Help handicapped or injured people leave the area if you can.
  7. Follow lighted exit signs and emergency lights.
  8. Feel the lower, middle and upper part of the doors before you can open them. If the door is hot, do not open it.
  9. If there is smoke, stay low to the ground. A damp cloth over your mouth and nose can help you breathe.
  10. If your clothing is caught on fire, stop, drop, and roll. Do not run. Chemical vapours may rise or sink to the floor, so learn the best way to proceed in an emergency if chemicals are present.
  11. Stay calm. You will not only get out more quickly, but your demeanour will reassure other students.

If an earthquake occurs, you must be ready to protect yourself from falling objects, and to evacuate once the vibration stops.

If you feel the vibration of an earthquake:

  1. Get as close to the floor as you can and head for cover.
  2. Avoid  windows or other glasses that can shatter.
  3. Stay away from light fixtures, bookcases and anything else that can fall on you.
  4. Get under a heavy desk, table, or chair. If you cannot get under something, crouch against an inner wall with you back towards any window.
  5. Remain where you are until the vibration stops.
  6. Stay calm. Alarms may go off, shelving may fall and wiring may spark.
  7. When the movement ends, prepare to evacuate to a safe designated muster point.

Safety Chapel sessions are mandatory for all students

NB. Please note that it is a criminal offence tamper with any safety equipment or device provided for the protection of student, faculty, staff and visitors.

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