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Clubs and Societies

The University does not operate fraternities. Rather, it encourages the formation of campus clubs associated with nationality, academic disciplines and other interest groups.

These clubs are extra-curricular and engage in a variety of activities. Full student participation is encouraged, since this provides for the development of student leadership and self-expression. Each school year, clubs are assigned special days/weekends during which they conduct social, cultural and religious programmes for the entire University community.

The following clubs are approved by the University's administration which appoints faculty sponsors as liaisons. Please note that all registered students are members of at least three clubs-a national/international club, an academic club, and the Associated Student Body (ASB)

Associated Student Body

The ASB is our form of student government. It is a student organization for the total student body that provides opportunity for leadership training. ASB officers are responsible for planning specific student activities on the University campus and for acting as a voice for the student body. The officers are elected and appointed each spring to serve for the following school year.

All registered undergraduate students are members of the Associated Student Body, and are eligible to hold office and benefit from the various services provided by the Associated Student Body.


Academic Clubs
  1. USC Honour Society
  2. Behavioural Science
  3. Education Club
  4. English Honour Society - Alpha Gamma Nu
  5. History Club
  6. Natural Sciences Club - Gnostai
  7. Computer Science Club - Virtua
National Clubs
  1. African Club
  2. Bajan Club
  3. Dominican Club
  4. French Club
  5. Guyanese Club
  6. Hispanic Club
  7. North Carib Club
  8. T&T Club
  9. Vinada Club
Interest Groups
  1. Masterguide Club
  2. Ministerial Association
  3. USC Drama MAG
  4. Sports Clubs
  5. Day  Students’ Club
  6. Marriage Complex Club
  7. Ladies Club
  8. Men’s Club
  9. Colporteurs’ Club
  10. Uniformed Clubs
  11. Drama MAGS
  12. HIS LUV Youth Choir
  13. Sister Steppers
  14. Prayer Warriors

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