Undergraduate Music Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Education Emphasis)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum provides a comprehensive exposure to music performance, history, and theory and currently allows an individual to pursue an emphasis in Music Education (additional emphases in Performance, Music Technology and Church Music are scheduled to come on stream soon). Students receive hands-on supervised teaching experience in studio or classroom teaching. The programme is designed for students wishing to pursue concerted musical study within a liberal arts context.

The curriculum combines classroom studies, in-the-field experience, research and lab experiences, and numerous performing opportunities to prepare the student to be a well-rounded, professional musician.


126-128 cr

Music Core Courses: 37 cr
MUCT 121 Ear Training I
MUCT 122 Ear Training II
MUCT 131 Music Theory I
MUCT 132 Music Theory II
MUCT 211 Ear Training III
MUCT 212 Ear Training IV
MUCT 231 Music Theory III
MUCT 232 Music Theory IV
MUCT 321 Form and Analysis
MUCT 322 Counterpoint
MUCT 323 Orchestration
MUED 222 Fundamentals of Conducting
MUET 131 Intro. to Music Technology
MUHL 231 Music History I
MUHL 232 Music History II
MUHL 321 Caribbean and World Music

Music Performance Courses: 18/20 cr
MUPF 111-412 Applied Music - (primary instr.) I - VIII
MUPF ___ (Major) Ensemble (8)
MUPF 311/312 Singers’ Diction I, II (Voice primary students only)
MUPF 315 Junior Recital MUPF 415 Senior Recital

Music Education Emphasis: 18 cr
(Secondary Instruments: Steelpan and one other instr.)
MUED 321 Choral Techniques
MUED 322 Studio Methods
MUED 331 Music Education Methods I
MUED 332 Music Education Methods II
MUPF 100 Applied Music (Secondary. 1st instr.) [1,1]
MUPF 100 Applied Music (Secondary. 2nd instr.) [1,1]
MUCT 422 Arranging for Vocal Ensemble
MUCT 423 Steel Orchestra Techniques

General Education Courses: 53 cr

  1. Religion: (12 cr)
  2. (1) RELT 100 God and Human Life
    (2) MURE 232 Church Music and Worship
    (3) Select two (2) of the following
    RELB 210 Jesus in His Time and Ours
    RELG360 Topics: World Religions
    RELT250 Personal Spirituality and Faith
    RELB 340 Religion and Ethics in Modern Society

  3. Arts/Humanities/Philosophy (10 cr - 2)
  4. (1) HIST104 OR HIST 105 World Civilizations I, II
    HIST 147 West Indian History
    Note: If Caribbean History was not passed at GCE/CXC or CSEC level, HIST147 must be taken
    (2) ENGL 255 Studies in Literature
    (3) Credits for IDSC205/MUHL220/Ensembles (e.g. MUPF135, MUPF230, MUPF235) fulfilled in major
    (4) EDTE 354 Philosophy for Education

  5. Social Sciences (3 cr)
  6. Select one: BHSC220 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Social Issues
    ECON226 Principles of Microeconomics
    PLSC235 Introduction to Political Systems
    PSYC 101 Intro. to Psychology
    SOCI119 Principles of Sociology
    Note: If PSYC101 OR SOCI119 not completed in first year, BHSC220 OR PLSC235 is required.

  7. Language and Communication (12 cr)
  8. (1) COMM 104 Communication Skills (Must be completed in the first or second year)
    (2) ENGL 115 English Composition I
    (3) ENGL 215 English Composition II
    (4) Foreign Language (One foreign language for all students)
    FREN101 Conversational French OR
    SPAN101 Conversational Spanish

  9. Natural Science (6 cr)
  10. Select any two courses from two areas
    BIOL111 Anatomy and Physiology I
    BIOL 208 Prin. Of Environ. Science
    BIOL245 Natural History of Trinidad and Tobago
    CHEM 107 Chemistry in Society
    FDNT230 Nutrition
    PHYS115 Concepts of Physics

  11. Mathematics (3 cr)
  12. MATH165 College Algebra
    Note: Students should have fulfilled any one of the following to be allowed to register for MATH165:
    (1) Grade 1, 2 or 3 pass (from 1998) in CXC/CSEC Mathematics
    (2) A minimum score of 2.0 in the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE)
    Students with a pass in Additional Mathematics may petition to waive MATH165 upon earning minimum score of 3.5 in the MPE.Students who score a 4.0 in the MPE may petition to waive MATH165.

  13. Computer Tools (3 cr)

    CPTR100 Introductory Computer Tools

  14. Wellness (2 cr)
  15. (1) HELD120 Fit and Well
    (2) One of:
    PEAC110 Personal Physical Fitness OR
    PEAC130 Special Activities

  16. Service (2 cr)
  17. BHSC 100 Philosophy of Science (Must include a service component)

  18. Vocational/Career Planning (2 cr)
  19. (1) IDSC110 College Success and Career Planning
    (2) Select one course from:
    HMEC129 Social and Professional Ethics OR
    TCED285 Upholstery

N.B. Students who would want to qualify for Teacher III status in the Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago, are advised to pursue the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, offered by the School of Education.

Associate of Arts in Music

(68/69 credits)
General Education Requirement: 34 cr
See University Bulletin

Core Courses: 34/35 cr
MUCT 121 Music Theory I
MUCT 122 Music Theory II
MUCT 131 Ear Training Lab I
MUCT 132 Ear Training Lab II
MUCT 221 Music Theory III
MUCT231 Computer Music Notation
MUED 241 Fundamentals of Conducting
MUED310 Music Pedagogy
MUHL246 Survey of Music History
MUPF220 Singers’ Diction (voice students only)
MUPF164 Applied Music (Primary Instrument) (two semesters)
MUPF264 Applied Music (Primary Instrument) (two semesters)
MUPF265 Practical Musicianship
MUPF397 Junior Recital
MURE216 Christian Music and Worship

Select one (1) Ensemble: (taken for 5 semesters)
MUPF130 String Ensemble
MUPF135 USC Chorale
MUPF140 Steelpan Ensemble / MUPF 230 University Steel Orchestra
MUPF225 University Concert Band
MUPF235 University Singers

*Non-piano associates who need to qualify for piano proficiency must take MUPF111-114 Piano 1-1V.

Minor in Music

We believe that music, created by God and given to us as a gift, is one of the most fundamental forms of expressions available to us. As such, we believe that the study of music should be made available to everyone. Recognizing, however, that persons may wish to study music at varying academic levels, the Music Minor programme offers core courses that develop the musician’s foundational skills in music making. Through the development of these basic skills, and in conjunction with opportunities for exposure, this programme will enable students to function as supporting musicians in church, school, and the wider community.


24 cr

Core Courses: 16 cr
MUCT121 Music Theory I
MUCT122 Music Theory II
MUCT131 Ear Training Lab I
MUCT132 Ear Training Lab II
MUCT231 Computer Music Notation
MUED241 Fundamentals of Conducting
MUHL246 Survey of Music History

Music Performance Courses: 8 cr
MUPF164 Applied Music (Primary Instrument) (2)
MUPF264 Applied Music (Primary Instrument) (2)
MUPF ______Ensemble Credit (4)
(Choose one of the following which must be taken for 4 semesters) MUPF130 String Ensemble
MUPF135 USC Chorale
MUPF140 Steelpan Ensemble / MUPF 230 University Steel Orchestra
MUPF225 University Concert Band
MUPF235 University Singers

Note: Students must also:

  1. Pass the Piano Proficiency Test
  2. Pass Grade 5 ABRSM/TCL Examination
  3. Perform a 20-minute partial recital
  4. Non-piano minors who need to pass the Piano Proficiency must take MUPF111-114, Piano Proficiency I-IV


All required courses in the music minor
MUED458 Music in the Elementary School

Certificate in Secondary Music Education

Core Courses: 18 cr
MUET 131 Intro. to Music Technology
MUCT 121 Ear Training I
MUCT 122 Ear Training II
MUCT 131 Music Theory I
MUCT 132 Music Theory II
MUED 222 Fundamentals of Conducting
MUHL 233 Survey of Music History

Music Education: 15 cr
MUED 321 Choral Techniques
MUED 322 Studio Methods
MUED 332 Music Education Methods II
MUCT 422 Arranging for Vocal Ensemble
MUED 423 Steel Orchestra Techniques
MUPF 111-212 Applied Music Primary I-IV

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