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What you can Study

Your Journey Begins With Us

The University of the Southern Caribbean offers a breadth of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs, through its six schools and more than 40 fields of study. Full-time or part-time study options are available. Degree programs are also offered through the University’s Satellite Campuses throughout the region.

USC attracts individuals from around the world. Among these are: the quality of education which we provide, the friendly service, but most importantly because of its core values. USC offers a positive learning environment which focuses on academics but also, on the holistic development of each individual.

We invite you to join in the exciting culture and energy of USC. Admission to the University of the Southern Caribbean will be granted to students who meet the basic requirements for admission and who satisfy all admission criteria. Admission Criteria can be found by following the relevant links.

The Office of Admissions is located on the bottom floor of the Administration. Feel free to stop by and meet our staff and get answers to any questions you may have. 

USC offers the following programs of study. Get information on tuition and fees. 


USC - University of the Southern Caribbean Program
AU - Andrews University Program
GA - Gate Approved
IATS - Inter-American Theological Seminary


  1. BS - Major in Biology (Zoology Emphasis)
  2. Minor - Biology

Business Administration

  1. AS- General Business Emphasis
  2. Minor - Business Administration
  3. BBA - Management
  4. BBA - Marketing
  5. BBA - Human Resource Management
  6. BBA - Finance
  7. BS - Accounting
  8. MBA


  1. Minor - Chemistry


  1. Minor - Communication Studies

Computer Science

  1. BS - Major in Computing (Software Systems Emphasis)
  2. AS - Computer Information Systems Emphasis
  3. Minor - Computing


  1. BS - Elementary Education
  2. Major - Family and Consumer Sciences
  3. Major - General Science
  4. Major - Language Arts
  5. Major - Reading
  6. Major - Social Studies
  7. Minor in Behavioral Sciences, Biology,Communication Studies, Computing, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, General Science, Health, History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Religion and Social Studies
  8. BS - Individualized Major in Educational Service
  9. BA/BS - Secondary School Teacher Preparation
  10. MA - Educational Administration and Leadership
  11. Postgraduate Diploma for Secondary School Teachers


  1. BA - English
  2. Minor - English
  3. Minor - English for BS in Elementary Education

Family and Consumer Sciences

  1. BS - Family and Consumer Sciences
  2. Minor - Food and Nutrition
  3. Minor - Family and Consumer Sciences
  4. Minor - Family Studies


  1. Minor - Health


  1. BA - History
  2. Minor - History


  1. Minor - Mathematics


  1. AA - Music
  2. Minor - Music
  3. Minor - Music for BS in Elementary Education


  1. BA - Nursing

Social Sciences

  1. BS - Behavioral Sciences
  2. Emphasis: Sociology, Psychology, or Combined
  3. BS - Psychology
  4. BS - Sociology
  5. Minors  in Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Sociology and Family Studies
  6. BS - Social Work
  7. MS - Counseling Psychology

Social Studies

  1. BS - Social Studies

Theology and Religion

  1. BA - Theology (Pastoral Ministry Emphasis)
  2. BA - Theology (Health Ministry Emphasis)
  3. BA - Theology (Youth Ministry Emphasis)
  4. BA - Religion
  5. Minors in Religion and Biblical Languages
  6. MA - Pastoral Theology (IATS)

Degrees offered on the Dual Degree Programme (click for more details)

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