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Financial Aid & Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available through USC.  They require different application procedures, and are not necessarily based on financial need.  These are outlined below:

New Specially Named Scholarships Below - Application Deadline (March 15 and 17, 2017)

Two-Way Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must apply to the church where he/she holds membership.  It is restricted to conferences/missions in the Caribbean Union.  The sum approved and paid to the student’s account by the Church will be matched 50% by the college up to and not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) per semester.  The amount stipulated by the college to be awarded to the student is in no way intended to influence or limit the generosity of the local church.

Literature Evangelist Scholarships

This scholarship is added to the earnings (65% of the annual tuition & fees) as a student literature evangelist in a local conference.  Application should be made through the Student Colporteur Club in order for the scholarship to be applied to the student’s account.  A scholarship of fourteen percent (14%) is added to these earnings by USC for those who qualify, along with fourteen percent (14%) from the Adventist Book Center and seven percent (7%) from the Conference or Mission.

Recruitment Plan

For every bona fide student recruited, accepted and enrolled at the college, the student recruiting that individual earns a onetime tuition credit of ten percent (10%) based on the recruited’s first semester registration.

Work-Study Scholarships

Students may earn a portion of their expenses by working part-time in a college industry or service.  Jobs are based on availability.

Industrial Scholarships

(Open to Nationals of Trinidad & Tobago only.)  Students who work full-time, minimum of forty (40) hours weekly, for one year would receive fifteen percent (15%) salary bonus credited to their account, if the required amount of hours are completed.

Specially Named Scholarships

Distinguished alumni and friends of the college annually provide monies towards student scholarships.  These scholarships have specific criteria.  Enquires and applications can be made via the office of the V.P. of Development, Public Relations, and Alumni Affairs.

Huntsville Alabama Chapter Scholarship
Deadline - (March 17, 2017) - Apply Here 

North America Alumni Scholarship
Deadline - (March 17, 2017) - Apply Here 

Dr. Adrian Westney Sr. Scholarship Fund
Deadline - (March 17, 2017) - Apply Here 


Tuition Scholarships

USC awards one-year tuition scholarships annually to recent graduates, one each, from eleven SDA high schools in the Caribbean Union Conference.  Recipients must be the top performers in their classes, based on the results of the CXC examinations.  Their high school principals must also recommend them.  Students on this scholarship must maintain a 3.0 GPA at the end of the first semester in order to benefit the second semester.  Scholarships must be used in the year they are awarded.  Not valid after.

Student Finance

Visit the the Student Finance Department for Financial Information.

The department's primary responsibility is to attend to all student financial business beginning with Financial Registration and ending at Graduation with financial clearance for diploma and transcript requests.



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