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Financial Administration

The Financial Administration/Affairs Department endeavours to provide full financial support throughout your stay at USC and beyond, maintaining excellence in service and promotions. 

We offer financial planning, scholarship advisory and financial services. During this process we seek to foster a sense of financial responsibility and accountability.  We aim to build a spirit of caring and sharing among our student community, providing a link between the needed and the needy, encouraging scholarship contributions and student sponsorship. 

We continue to initiate change that enhances the financial services provided, increasing customer satisfaction and sharing positive experiences.  It has been and continues to be our pleasure to be of service to our student population.  We look forward to continued developmental and relational growth in the coming school years.


Financial Clearance
For registration, drop & adds, withdrawals, immigration, letters completion letters, diplomas etc.

Registration (Online) on AZAR begins with the advisor and ends with Student Finance.  Students must come to Student Finance for Financial Clearance before registration is complete.  You come with proof of payment, scholarship letter, and/or completed GATE form (where applicable).

Other Request forms are obtained from the related department and brought to the Student Finance office for approval stamp and signature.  Cleared (balances) accounts are approved.

Registration Adjustments -Drop & Adds, Withdrawal from school
Drop & Adds are done online (AZAR) following the registration process.  The transaction must be cleared by Student Finance. 

Withdrawal forms are obtained from the Registrar's office and must be brought to Student Finance for approval stamp and signature.

Account Queries
Payments and charges- Queries are made to Student Finance personnel with relevant documentation of payment missed or charges in excess.  Investigation will ensue and student will be notified of resolve.

Funds Withdrawals
Cheque requests, funds transfer & charge slips.Requests are made to Student Finance personnel who will process and provide cheques, slips etc.

Discounts/Rebates & Scholarships
Sibling, Recruitment, Plan One & Scholarships
Towards the end of the semester and/or school year, amounts are determined as specified in agreements and are credited to the student's account.

Financial Correspondence
Account Statements, Statement of Fees, Board of Inland Revenue letters

Incentive plan
One year's tuition (32 credits) and all fees paid upon registration or in advance with no withdrawals, 5% Tuition credit applied after registration of the second semester.

Choose one plan

  • Plan 1:  Incentive Plan above
  • Plan 2: 75% on or before Registration and 25% within 30 days after registration.
  • Plan 3: 50% on or before Registration, 25% within 30 days and the final 25% 60 days after registration.  A 3% Interest charge will be applied on balance after registration, and 1% monthly after 60 days.

Note:  The above payment plans are not applicable to students on GATE, partial scholarships or summer registration.


  • Students who are unable to meet the requirement for Plans 1-3 should make an appointment with the Director of Student Finance, 7-14 days before registration, to get financial counsel/advice.
  • Trinidad & Tobago students who benefit from the GATE program are required to pay 100% of all fees, not covered by GATE, on or before the registration dates.
  • Students on partial scholarship must pay their portion of tuition and other fees on or before the registration dates.
  • Students whose balances are not cleared on or before 80 days from the published registration dates will have their registration automatically suspended.

Services at a glance

If you need information on:

  • Financial Clearance
  • Drop & Add for courses
  • Withdrawal from school
  • Queries with your Account
  • Funds Withdrawals
  • Discounts/Rebates & Scholarships
  • Financial Correspondence 
  • Payment Plans

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