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Campus Missionaries

Do you want to be a volunteer? Be involved in ministry? Visit Campus Ministries Department or call 662- 2241 ext 4050 and sign up today

Student Ministries

CAPS: “Community Action Projects and Services”

Create meaningful social change to enhance the development of people in the community.
What ? Engage in community projects and service ministry
Activities? Visits to institutions, disabled, physically challenged, orphans, clean a yard.
Aim? Show Gods love to those in need with your presence or with your physical ability.

ABLE: “Adventist for Better Living Experiences”

What? The provision of physical labor to improve, beautify, repair, construct, and maintain buildings or property.
Activities? Build a fence, rake a yard, paint a house, and beautify the surroundings.
Aim ? Create avenues for ministry by meeting environmental needs of community.           

MBK: “My Brother’s Keeper”

The disciplining of weak or inactive church members
What? A platform to discuss general Christian truths
Activities? Group discussions, Bible Study,
Aim? Draw Christian believers and those losing their faith closer to God.

IMPACT: “Individuals Making Positive Accountable Choices Together”

Students focus on the dangers of addictive substances and behavior. They emphasize the importance of making healthy choices.
What? Promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle and make accountable sexual choices.
Activities? Drug march, seminars, workshops, lectures and brochures
Aim? To promote the dangers of addictive substance and making healthy choices knowing that our bodies are the temple of God

HIM: “Hearing Impaired Ministry”

Successfully and effectively minister to the deaf.
What? Students learn sign language in order to communicate with the hearing impaired.
Activities? Group meetings, training exercises, visitations of institutions for the hearing impaired
Aim? To evangelize to those who are hearing impaired and allow them to know that there is a God who is alive and can save them.

BRO: “Believers Reaching Out”

What? Witnessing peer-to-peer, on and off campus, with the specific objective of teaching the gospel to unbelievers.
Activities? Community visitations, home evangelism, Bible study
Aim? To gain decisions for baptism after introducing persons to God

HYM: “Helping Young Mothers”

What? Encourage young women who have become mother because of unplanned pregnancies
Activities? Provide advice, befriend, provide needed maternity materials, support and encourage, seminars
Aim? To let young mothers know that God loves them and provide them with the support to get through the difficulties of unplanned pregnancies.

AVSS: “Abstinence versus Safe Sex”

What? To promote the virtue of staying away from premarital sexual relationships until marriage to denounce extramarital sexual relationships
Activities?  Abstinence march, t- shirt days, posters, flyers and brochures, bible study
Aim? Demonstrate to the youth the value God has placed on their bodies and the importance of avoiding premarital and extramarital affairs.

BM: “Better Men”

What? To rearrange the thinking of young men living in “so-call” underprivileged neighbourhoods involved in illegal occupations and making them viable and equip for alternative employment
Activities? Rally, seminars, meetings
Aim? To improve the life of underprivileged men and let them know the value they are to God and his love to transform their life. So they can move from one place to the next.

PCC: “Peer Chaplaincy Club”

What? Students share spiritual counsel with peers and assist them through difficult times
Activities? Peer counsel, bible study, befriend
Aim? The opportunity to share with their peer’s spiritual counsel

GOTEL: Seeks to save souls through the use of the cell phone.

What? Text Godly messages of hope to persons around the world
Activities? Text marathon, group meetings and bible study
Aim? To embrace the use of technology and utilize it as a means of evangelism.

F2F:” Friend to Friend”

Helping busy students study the word of God at their convenience.
What? Participate in meaningful service for the Lord on campus
Activities? Bible study, befriending newly baptized members
Aim? Be a friend to someone and let them experience Jesus through your influence and care.

HAFH: “Home Away from Home”

Making our visits and regular attendees feel safe and at home during our weekly and special services when convened on and off campus.
What? Make visitors and members safe and comfortable while attending program held by the university.
Activities? Aid with restless toddlers, Ensure facilities and entrances are conspicuous, warm handshake, friendly smile etc
Aim? Provide a comfortable environment so that others will feel at home when within the campus environment

FIRM: “Faith Intercessors Restoration Ministry”

A place where you come together to encourage each other in the Lord, and evoke the presence of the Holy Ghost.
What? A ministry designed to pray for others
Activities? Church programs, prayer meetings, Hour of power, etc
Aim? To let people know that prayer works and to prayer God’s blessing against the enemy’s attack

EAGLES: “Everyday Attaining Gods Love and Eternal Salvation”

Seeking to be very relevant in the effective spreading of the gospel in this generation.
What? A platform to discuss relevant issues facing Christian young people
Activities? Bible journey on face book, Ay programs, Weekly group meetings, Movie events etc
Aim? To assist Christian youth in adopting healthy means of entertainment and find an avenue to share the concerns and struggles that they face as Christians.

YMC: “Young Missionaries Club”

 The objective is to assist the Seventh-day Adventist Church in proclaiming the gospel to people everywhere
What? Going on mission endeavours both within the Caribbean and the wider world
Activities? Mission trips, evangelistic mission trips, build a house, conduct crusade
Aim? To help persons in need know someone cares and God can take care of their needs

CM:  “Children’s Ministry”

Students who willingly volunteer, have the burning desire and passion for the jewels of the Lord, the precious children of the surrounding communities; who need to know the greatest friend, Jesus Christ, the friend of little children.
What? Creating programs that introduce community children to the God we know.
Activities? Bible stories, uplifting singing, arts and crafts, children programs etc
Aim? To win children to God and let them know that their life belongs to God.

HM: “Hospital Ministry”

Bringing hope and cheer to those who are sick and helping persons who are sick to accept Christ.
What? A group that visits the sick in the hospitals
Activities? Hospital visits
Aim? To bring hope to persons who are sick and may feel hopeless

FBE: “Faith Building Experience”

This ministry provides socialization while meeting the needs of our students despite their religious affiliation. Finding common beliefs through which doors may be opened to minster to those of other faiths.
What? Students socialize and encourage fellow Christians in their faith with God.
Activities? Group meetings, fellowship meetings     
Aim? To improve the faith of students of all religious affiliations and find a place of fellowship

CLS:  “Community Language Services”

What? A class where Spanish is taught
Activities? Visitations, Spanish classes, bible study
Aim? While students learn to speak another language they get exposed to the power of God in our lives.

KEEP: Kingdom Empowered Exceptional Persons

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