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The mission of the School of Theology and Religion is primarily to equip, enable, and empower men and women for the gospel ministry, Bible teachers for the conventional school context, and Bible instructors for the local church and home settings within the Conferences and Missions of the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and to prepare candidates for tertiary studies regionally or internationally. Additionally, the School fosters values for responsible Christian living among all students who come under its influence.


Every ministerial student having a deep sense of his/her high calling to greater service, and possessing the spirituality and skills required to perform ministry successfully.


Christian education is unique in that special revelation - the Bible - undergirds all other studies. The philosophy of the Bible is the unifying principle of study and purpose among the various disciplines. The School of Theology and Religion attempts to educate its students, and to serve the spiritual needs of all, helping them to find fellowship with Christ.


  • That Theology majors shall develop academic and professional competence to function effectively as preachers, pastor-teachers, evangelists, counsellors, youth leaders, and health educators.
  • That Religion majors shall acquire the academic and professional skills to function as Bible teachers, chaplains, and Bible instructors.
  • That Theology and Religion graduates shall acquire the preparation that shall equip them to continue their studies in seminaries and universities.


That Theology and Religion majors, as well as students of other disciplines develop the following:

  • An understanding and appreciation of the Bible as the written Word of God.
  • An appreciative grasp of the historical background and prophetic guidance of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • An unbiased understanding of other religious beliefs, recognizing that allmen are brothers to be loved and served.
  • A personal religious philosophy that will serve as the base for a Christian home and be applicable to contemporary society.
  • Attitudes and skills leading to active participation in the work of the Church.

The Theology Major is designed for persons planning to enter the gospel ministry. The student will be accepted on a conditional basis, being required to demonstrate by scholastic performance and personal conduct, his/her aptitude and calling. An evaluation of the student by members of the theology faculty in the freshman and sophomore years determines continuance in the programme.

The Religion programme is taken by those desiring a baccalaureate degree in religion for teaching and other purposes. This includes secondary school Bible teachers, liberal arts majors, etc. It is also designed for those desiring a second major. The Certificate in Religious Studies is designed for church leaders (especially elders), and those persons who would like to begin a programme of theological studies, with a view to continuing a full degree programme later.


A minimum of 141-145 semester hours is required for the B.A. in Theology, and 128 semester hours for the B.A. in Religion. The courses to make up the 140/128 credits required for the degree must include the general education requirements of the University and courses leading to a minor in an area outside of the School of Theology and Religion.


Programs Offered



  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

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