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All extensions are reached through our main switch board 1-868-662-2241/2

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  • Dr. Susan Chand
    Director (1012)
  • Mrs. Camille Mc Ewen-Small
    Research Assistant (1655)


The Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) is established to move forward the research agenda of the University of the Southern Caribbean. The DRI works in close conjunction with the heads of the Schools and Departments, research representatives (ambassadors) from the Schools as well as the faculty, staff and students interested in research and scholarships. 

Services/ Functions:  
➢ Provide support system for faculty, student and staff research and scholarship.  
➢ Generate database on funding agencies at the local, regional and global levels and link the interested research scholars to the source of funding in their representative disciplines.  
➢ Conduct training sessions, seminars, and conferences. 
➢ Publication of USC Journal of Research. 
➢ Network and collaborate with research institutes at local and regional universities, Seventh-day Adventist Universities, international institutions.  
➢ Provide ethical guidance and approve re-search projects through Institutional Review Board (IRB). 
➢ Academic Forum and Writing Clinic on monthly basis. 
➢ Generate new ideas and approaches to evidence-based practice in teaching & learning, research & scholarship. 
➢ Compile Capability Statement Document on faculty, staff and student capacity on campus.


The Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) seeks to foster an attitude of excellence in scholarly inquiry within the community of the University of the Southern Caribbean.

Goals of the Department are to:

  1.  Develop strong community of scholarly researchers. 

  2.  Foster innovative research strategies and their applications in various disciplines across the University of the Southern Caribbean. 

  3.  Encourage innovative scholarship that trans-forms intellectual capacity of the university community into extraordinary scholars and servants of God. 

  4.  Disseminate innovative knowledge and scholarship locally, regionally and internationally. 





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