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What Sets Us Apart

USC embraces a multidimensional approach to teaching and learning.


We offer programmes that matter.

USC professors care. They encourage and help students to explore concepts and solve problems.

Our professors aim to inspire you to invest time, energy and intellect in learning more about concepts, methods, people, places or things and, by so doing, developing a healthy intellectual curiosity. 

Our professors will challenge you to critically explore schools of thought, universal issues and problems. You can develop an intellectually creative, problem solving disposition; gain mastery in research skills, and in the process, further develop yourself as an originator of thoughts, ideas and solutions. 

Our professors are all congruent on igniting your intellectual curiosity by encouraging you to think, explore and discover! Always the proverbial backbone of a thriving nation, an intellectually curious individual is always willing to add to his or her store of knowledge, and take the necessary action to make a change.


We practice unity in diversity.

USC has a potpourri of faculty, staff and students from over 38 countries worldwide.

Fondly referred to as a “mini United Nations”, the USC family comprises a potpourri of faculty, staff and students from over 38 countries worldwide. We provide a stimulating multicultural environment where you can discover new people, practices, experiences and avenues of learning. Our diverse environment is aimed at preparing you to capably meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly diverse and global world. 

Embedded in our philosophy is the provision of equal opportunity for all people. Thus, USC’s ethnically diverse population creates an environment for acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences.


We are servants of God to humanity.

USC provides a holistic education that embodies the development of mind, heart, soul and hand.

With over 83 years experience in Christian Education, USC continues to offer a comprehensive package that embodies the development of mind, heart, soul and hand. Your education will be both academic and spiritual. You will be exposed to Christian principles and positive lifestyle choices. We hope that you will find peace and guidance in God and choose to live a spiritually focused life that can bring meaningful fulfilment and positive influences to the world around you.


We shape the USCian student.

USC fosters a meaningful philosophy of life which promotes honourable and admirable living, in service to God and man.

Our hope is that you will choose to adopt the high ethical and moral standards espoused by USC. Let positive choices guide you in all your future challenges and successes. We encourage you to  leave a legacy that rivals Bible heroes like Joseph, Esther, Daniel or Deborah. These were all successful professionals who held high standards in the face of adversity and showed exceptional courage in self-control, integrity and leadership throughout their entire lives. This is what we hope to inspire in every USCian student.

What sets us apart


The University of the Southern Caribbean seeks to transform ordinary people into extraordinary servants of God to humanity through a holistic tertiary educational experience.


A Seventh-day Adventist University fully reflecting the character of God through spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and cultural development.


Beyond Excellence...


And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.
Luke 2:52 (KJV)

University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education.
P.O. Box 175, Port of Spain Trinidad W.I.
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