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Core values

Core values

  • We love God and others wholeheartedly, just like Jesus loved us.
  • We are caring and kind as we help and serve each other. Like the Good Samaritan, we go beyond the call of duty.
  • We think and do what is right at all times, no matter the consequences.
  • We are honest with ourselves and others. We speak the truth and do what is right
  • We strive to surpass ordinary standards and exceed expectations.
  • We strive for excellence; applying our skills and expertise to every task we do.
  • We are fair to everyone and are reasonable in our treatment of others.
  • Our words, thoughts, and actions are moral, admirable and honourable.
  • We think before acting and make positive choices
  • We aren’t overly proud. We’re modest, showing respect for ourselves and others.

What sets us apart

USC embraces a multidimensional approach to teaching and learning

  • Intellectual Curiosity – Programmes that matter, professors that care. Explore concepts, solve problems.
  • Cultural Diversity – A potpourri of faculty, staff and students from over 38 countries worldwide.
  • Spiritual Nurture – A holistic education that embodies the development of mind, heart, soul and hand.
  • Moral Integrity – A meaningful philosophy of life which promotes honourable living, in service to God and man.