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Dr Hilary Bowman was named President of the University of the Southern Caribbean in November 2016. Dr Bowman's experience spans more than 40 years in the education system.

He proudly celebrates more than four decades of successful service in the field of education with over thirty years in denominational service with the SDA Church.  In November 2016, he was appointed President of the University of the Southern Caribbean. In addition to his roles at the University, Dr. Bowman has oversight of the Caribbean Union’s education system. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Policy from the Union Institute and University Cincinnati, Ohio (1999).

Dr. Bowman was appointed high school principal in 1984 after graduating with a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Education and History from Caribbean Union College. Prior to this, as a trained teacher, with an AA degree from the University of the West Indies, he began his employment with the SDA Church as a high school teacher. This followed his twelve year stint as a teacher with the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. His dream of doubling the enrollment and building a new school building for Mountain View Adventist Academy, St Vincent became a reality within three years of his principalship. During this time, he pursued his master’s degree and earned a M.A. Magna Cum Laude in Curriculum and Instruction from Andrews University in 1991.

Dr. Bowman’s success motivated the constituency to elect him, in 1988, to serve as the Director of Education of the East Caribbean Conference of SDA with the responsibility of supervising fifteen schools in five Caribbean Islands. This position he held for ten years until his promotion to Director of Education of the Caribbean Union Conference of SDA in 1998. 

His supervisory responsibilities allow him to interact with diverse school systems in this multi-cultural region exposing him to the British, American and the Dutch systems of education. His determined efforts to raise the standard in all school under his supervision, introducing best practices and 21st century strategies to ensure academic success have been bearing fruits as 95 % of these schools have shown significant academic gains. 

Dr. Bowman has served as chairman and member of several accreditation teams within and outside of the Caribbean Union region. He served on education and university boards including The University of Montemorelos, Mexico, Inter- American Adventist Theological Seminary (IATS) and Herbert Fletcher University-HFU, Puerto Rico. He also served on doctoral committees, as adjunct professor of Andrews University and was a GED Instructor and Test Administrator. He has conducted several workshops and seminars and gave motivational presentations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama and the United States of America. 

Dr. Bowman has received several awards for outstanding performance and contribution to the field of education both in the Caribbean and the United States. He recently received the prestigious Ellen G White Award for excellence in education from the Inter-American Division.

Dr. Bowman has written several articles and papers on Adventist Education, Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement which have significantly benefited the schools in the Caribbean Union. He has developed several instruments and teaching tools to ensure best practices in education and has researched Tertiary Education with specific emphasis on the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  

His service to the Caribbean Union was interrupted for four years when his family moved to Orlando, Florida; there he owned and operated his own school. The school’s enrollment increased by 40% and the school was rated as one of the best in the county.  He is a certified member of the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF) and has served on several accreditation teams there.

Dr. Bowman is a Vincentian by birth and has been married to Verina Bowman nee Bacchus for 41 years. They are the proud parents of two adult children, Dr. Kurt Bowman and Karen Swan and have three beautiful grand children. He enjoys reading, table tennis and gardening and is family oriented. 

Dr. Bowman is self-motivated, a go-getter and continues to help fulfill the vision and mission the SDA church.

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