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Student development and services

The Office of Student Development and Services is responsible for establishing programmes and services to support the all-round development of the individual student, and to enhance the quality of campus community life.


The Division of Student Development and Services of University of the Southern Caribbean encourages, promotes, facilitates and assists in the total development of each student, through the provision of exemplary models of conduct, quality services and goal-oriented activities aimed at producing self-actualized individuals who are physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally stable, spiritually vibrant, culturally refined, socially viable, and service-oriented.


Adventist education prepares students for a useful and joy-filled life, fostering friendship with God, holistic development, Bible-based values, and service, in accordance with the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world.

Goals & Objectives

We aim to foster stronger spiritual programmes for the students and maintain a high standard of spirituality and morality on campus. We also work to provide a wide range of relevant services to the campus family while increasing the level of customer services to students and other customers. To support this we also aim for the following:

  • To maintain the uniqueness of a Christian institution.
  • To foster and encourage inclusiveness.
  • To provide healthy social and cultural activities for the students.

Office contact information

Name, Director
Tel: 1-868-662-2241 Ext 000